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Let's Work Together

The Wanaki Centre offers multiple support services to front line workers such as wellness weeks as well as programs develop and facilitated by it's Mental Wellness Team. 

The Wanaki Frontline Wellness Week

Residential services are currently suspended. We are going through major changes and under construction. Our residential program will begin once again in April 2024! Our frontline Wellness week will take place April 2-5, 2024!

The Wellness Week is an opportunity for NNADAP & Front-line

Workers to take time for themselves as well as to connect with others. 


Wellness Week 


English Version of the residential program application

French Version of the residential program application


Mental Wellness Team

The Wanaki Mental Wellness Team (MWT) was developed to provide culture-based education, prevention, and intervention services for Indigenous and Inuit individuals, families and communities. Using strength based practices that include positive identity development. The MWT works in collaboration with the virtual and residential programs as well as offering support to front-line workers. 


Access to Post Secondary Community-Based Program

Indigenous Wellness and Addiction Prevention Worker

Community-based local college certificate (completion year 1) & College diploma (completion year 2) in partnership with Canadore College. 

See details in supplementary documents.


Access to professional training to develop new skills in the helping field

Indigenous Wellness and Addiction Prevention Worker - Program Training Modules

Support accessing certifications, cultural teachings and ceremony

-  MWT Subscribers

See details in supplementary documents.


Community request given in person and/or virtually

Variety of Workshops & Programs

Access to workshops and programs delivered by the MWT.

- Blanket Exercise

- Buffalo Riders

- Others

See details in supplementary documents. 


Support accessing services

Provincial Services

Support accessing provincial services and partnership development.

Contact the MWT for more details.


Access to clinical supervision

Clinical Supervision

Access to Clinical supervision with professionals.

Contact the MWT for more details.

English Version

French Version

Buffalo Riders

English Version

French Version

Blanket Exercise

English Version

French Version

MWT Subscribers

Bilingual Version

Mental Wellness Team
Team Lead

Tiffany Dumont 

(819) 449-7000 ext.4225

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