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Wanaki Center will sometimes work with volunteers, resource people and other care providers (for example: elders, traditional and spiritual teachers, nurses, doctors and other professionals). These resources are complementary to help delivery certain program components requirements.

These individuals play a complementary role and are ready for our clients should they require their services.​

All care providers must respect the following rules and professional values:


Volunteers, resource people and care providers are there to help any client/resident who calls upon them. If they are unable to assist the client/resident with their needs for any reason, they shall inform the person accordingly and refer to them to another volunteer or professional resource-person.


Volunteers, resource people and care providers must maintain their integrity and detachment. They shall avoid promoting their personal, political, religious, commercial interests or those of self-help groups. They must remain objective and suggest a variety of ways or resources to help clients/residents with their rehabilitation. They shall not accept payment (money, gifts or benefits) from the clients/residents for services.


They shall respect the confidential nature of all information they may gain access to concerning the people they are providing services to. They shall not provide information about the client/resident to any other outside service provider or organization without the client/resident's consent.

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