Mental Wellness Team


Wanaki Center

Executive Director

Angela Miljour

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Kitigan Zibi Health
& Social Services

Executive Director

Robin Decontie


Maniwaki Native
Friendship Center

Executive Director

Charlotte Commonda

What is the project?

Kitigan Zibi Health & Social Services (KZHSS),
Maniwaki Native Friendship Center and the Wanaki Treatment Center have vastly different mandates regarding their program and service delivery. Current mental wellness programs vary among the centers mainly due to their varied clientele, nations eligible to receive their services, and location of the centers (both on and off-reserve). Despite these differences, however, common themes often resurface when dealing with client mental health issues which each center struggles with.  

The following is an overview of the common identified needs: 

  • Bridge the gaps in mental health service delivery 

  • Ensure better coordination of core wellness services

  • Improve access to specialized services, particularly psychiatric assessments

  • Provide cultural supervision for specialized services and core wellness services 

  • Provide clinical supervision through support and coaching for Para-professionals, front-line workers and local resources

  • Ensure an enhanced continuum of client care 

Tiffany Dumont

In order to address these identifies needs,
a Mental Wellness Project Coordinator is in place. This individual works closely with current human resources within the centers, including professionals, para-professionals and cultural resources, to provide optional care that fosters and supports client wellness.  

Mental Wellness
Project Coordinator