📌Wanaki Center’s residential services are suspended until further notice. 

Our program cycle has a duration of four (4) weeks. Our treatment services are offered in both french and English. If you would like to submit an application to us please take a look at our yearly calendar there you will find your appropriate language cycle. We also offer a one week relapse prevention program as well of NNADAP retreats throughout the year. 




To fill out the form, you can print and fill it out in writing. Remember that the form must be signed by all parties concerned.


Wanaki’s application package contains five (5) sections:


Section 1: What you should know before you apply and in-house responsibilities


Section 2: Client Section


Section 3: Referral Section  


Section 4: Health Screening


Section 5: Travel Confirmation 


STEP 1:  Wanaki must receive sections 1 to 4 fully completed before we can proceed with our clinical assessment.  Individuals that are in the process of self-referring may omit section 3 which is the referral section forms.


STEP 2:  Once Wanaki has received sections 1 to 4 fully completed, which includes a quick telephone call with the applicant.  The Center will complete their clinical assessment within 7 working days.  The Center's decision to accept or refuse the client application must be provided in writing within this time period.


STEP 3:  Once a client application has been assessed as admissible for treatment services, the client or referral will be faxed our application for admission decision form. Upon receipt of this document, the form must be faxed back to Wanaki within 7 days with the client and referral worker's signature confirming this date as acceptable for the client's treatment cycle intake and completion date.


STEP 4:  Once Wanaki has received the signed admission decision form, by the

client and referral worker (signed only by the client if self-referred), the community is then responsible to complete the travel confirmation form and forward it to the Wanaki Center before the start of the treatment cycle. Please ensure that the travel confirmation form be signed and dated by the appropriate individuals. This completes section 5 of the application package which also confirms the client's full admission to our center's treatment services.


A pre-treatment contact date will be set before the start of the program.  This is to offer more information to the person coming for treatment.


Any changes in your client's file must be provided to the center in writing by fax as soon as possible, such as legal, medical or family situation, before they enter treatment.


Please ensure that all sections are signed and dated as Wanaki Center will not process an application that is not signed and/or dated by all significant parties.


The cycle intakes are done on Mondays and we ask that clients arrive before 2:00pm.

Relapse Prevention

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